Caroma H2Zero Cap & Tool Kit

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Caroma H2Zero Cap & Tool Kit

Caroma H2Zero Urinal Cartridge Tool for replacing the ‘Bio Seal’ and ‘Bio Fresh Block and New Cap / Cover for urinal drain.

About the H2Zero Waterless Urinal

The H2Zero™ Cube waterless urinal operates utilising unique patented cartridge technology that doesn’t use an oil-based seal as used in traditional waterless urinals. Housed within the cartridge the Bio Fresh deodorising block is activated during use, while the Bio Seal™ allows urine to pass through the seal freely. – The Bio Seal™ acts as a one-way air-tight valve to seal the cartridge from the drainage system and against back-pressure situations. This operation guarantees consistently superior performance and hygiene compared to other waterless urinals. – Installation of the H2Zero™ is simplified, as there is no need for a cistern/flush valve to be connected to the unit. After installation the savings continue with a reduction in overall water and waste management charges to buildings.

  • The H2Zero Cube Urinal has revolutionised waterless urinal performance
  • Helps reach high level targets for sustainability and water conservation to minimise environmental impact
  • Outlet and cartridge configuration results in reduced levels of waste
  • Vitreous china is easy to clean and provides longevity
  • Vandal resistant plated brass dome conceals the Bio Seal & amp trade and Bio Fresh cartridge
  • Optional vitreous china dome available for light commercial applications.
  • Caroma H2Zero Cap & Tool Kit sold separately

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