Smelly Fridge Bombs – 5 Pack

$25.00 Ex. GST

No more Stinky Fridges with our new smelly fridge odour bombs



Do you have a smelly Fridge?

Smelly Fridge Equals A Dirty Kitchen

Are there things at the back that are to scary to open?
(guys I am talking to you)

If the smells from your fridge are getting to much there is an easy solution.

Our new smelly fridge odour bombs.

The unique blend of super odour absorbing crystals and essential oils combine in our variable strength dispensers will kill odours fast.

Have a fridge that even your mum would be proud of!
(well maybe not but I guarantee it won’t stink)

Guaranteed not to effect the taste of your beer.
(or any other products taking up beer space in your fridge)