Supaflush Urinal Flush Sensor

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Supaflush Urinal flush sensor

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Supaflush Urinal Flush Sensor

A simple yet intelligent, infinitely adjustable Flushing System providing flexibility and control while delivering the best possible installation with maximised water savings while maintaining hygiene.

  • Australian Made & Owned
  • Robust Rust Free Sensor Housing
  • Easy to Adjust Options
  • Large capacity 9 Volt Battery
  • Available in Ceiling or Wall Mount
  • Includes 15 to 25mm air gap
  • Optional 240V power pack

** Will Fit the same hole size as a Zip Flushmaster.

2 Year Warranty on sensor unit

Fully Enclosed Unit – The unique design of this fully enclosed reducing
the ingress of dust and moisture which substantially increases system life.

Energy Efficient Battery- Eliminates the need of providing costly power points in the ceiling cavity. This allows greater flexibility in installation.

Reduced Operating Costs – The Supaflush Urinal Flush Sensor operates on a 9 volt battery
pack. Apart from delivering exceptional long life performance, the battery pack is user replaceable, further reducing operation costs.

Comprehensive Installation Kit – The Supaflush Urinal Flush Sensor package includes everything you will need to complete the installation.

Technical Information:


Sensor Type Passive Infra-red
Battery (included) 9 Volt DC
Enclosure ABS Plastic
Colour White
Mounting Hole Diametre 100mm
Memory Retention (battery removed) 10 years (max)
Valve Connector Type Plug in Connector – Polarized
Pre-Flush Select Option 2 Seconds
Valve Open Flush Time 3 – 300 Seconds
Flush Delay Time 1,2,3,5,10, or 30 Minutes or 1,2,3,4,5, or 6 Hours.
Sanitary Flush Interval 6,12,18, or 24 Hours
Interface Selectable Dip Switch, and Push Button


Additional information


Inset, Surface


Flushing Option

Sensor Flush

Power Source

Battery Operated, Mains Powered

Air Gap

Brass Air Gap 15-25mm, Not Required