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Bowl Guard Urinal Cleanser

$62.00 Ex. GST

Momar Bowl Guard


Bowl Guard Urinal Cleanser

Ultra-strength acid detergent removes and dissolves build-ups like lime, organic incrustations, hard water, rust stains, and scale from toilets, urinals, and drain lines. Urinal maintainer fortified with Acrylic Polymer Technology that protects surfaces and prevents soil build-up. Safe on brass, chrome, fiberglass, glass, ceramic, tile, plastic, porcelain, and stainless steel.

  • Brightens and removes stains
  • Restores flow to slow drains
  • Destroys uric acid salt build-ups
  • Fast-acting — contains 20% hydrochloric acid
  • Lemon scented — one step cleaning and deodorizing
  • Added detergents provide cling time on vertical surfaces

URINAL CLEANING: To clean the urinal, saturate a toilet mop or swab with Bowl Guard Urinal Cleanser. Thoroughly clean the urinal, paying particular attention to the water outlets at the tops as well as around the edges. Specifications: ® TM prevent the build-ups that impede flow.


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