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Britex Waterless Outlet Assembly

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Britex Waterless Outlet Assembly

Britex Waterless Outlet Assembly Comes with Bladder Assembly and O Rings

Should the Waterless Outlet Assembly require replacement, then it is recommended that eye protection and rubber gloves are worn to perform the following procedure.
1. Unscrew the stainless steel dome allowing adequate room for a firm grasp to be placed around the dome.
2. Apply an upward pressure to lift the dome, breaking the “o” ring seal removing the diaphragm assembly.
3. Unscrew the dome from the boss and discard the diaphragm assembly.
4. Screw the dome into the new diaphragm assembly boss and then place the new diaphragm into the waste housing, applying gentle pressure to ensure that it is seated correctly.
5. Screw the dome down and back into position ensuring a gap of no more than 1.5mm. The lock nut on the stud of the dome may need to be adjusted to achieve the 1.5mm gap.
6. Pour clean water into the urinal to test the outlet.

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