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Chameleon Waterless GLAZED STEEL URINAL

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Chameleon Waterless GLAZED STEEL URINAL

Mother Nature is often the world’s greatest inventor, so we gladly take inspiration from her.
For this reason, we use two natural materials with properties that complement each other perfectly

when manufacturing our urinals and washbasins: steel and enamel.

Tough and sustainable
Glazed titanium steel is extremely robust and durable.
The surfaces of our products are harder than granite or steel, but non-porous and resistant

 to abrasion and UV rays. These products can be reused or recycled.

Hygienic and low-maintenance
Enamel is an inorganic material, so no bacteria or pathogens can grow on our products.
The purely natural material created thereby unites the freedom of form granted by steel
with the optical, haptic and hygienic properties of glass. Therefore the enamel surface is easy to clean.
Stable and resistant
We use a steel alloy with added titanium. This makes our products very stable and the enamel
helps give them an extremely long-lasting surface.
Colour-resistant and non-fading
Our products retain their original colour, do not fade and are completely resistant to UV light,
while the smooth surface reflects light evenly.

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