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Schell 0.8 litre Flush parts Electronic Urine Activated

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The Series 1 Cube 0.8 litre Electronic Activation Urinal Suite 

Spare parts list

Following is a list of parts available to repair the Caroma Cube 0.8 series 1 urinal sensor.

The Schell urinal Sensor is the perfect urinal control for all public,semi-plublic sanitary rooms and business premises.

Simple in planning and implementation the urinal control meets the demands of the daily routine.

Reliable, invisible and independent of all environmental influences.


Only the inside of the urinal bowl is monitored and any stream of liquid is detected.

Independent of all environmental influences such as light, passers-by or installation spaces too low.




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HF Sensor For Urine Sensing Flush Device, Solenoid Valve With DR Adaptor, Electronic Control Module & Transformer, Compact Roughing In-Set With Airbrake, Sensor Extension Lead, HF Cover Plate