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Uridan Pylon Waterless Urinal

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Uridan Pylon Waterless Urinal

The Uridan Pylon Waterless Urinal is uridan’s most ‘funky’ design created specifically for clubs, pubs, restaurants, and hotels looking for a modern design theme.  The Pylon is extremely versatile as this unit can be installed over existing toilet plumbing providing installation cost benefits for property owners.

Colours: White, Tele Grey and Black

Key Benefits
Design: uridan are the market leaders when it comes to product design. Each uridan urinal is
Danish designed, with our range presenting itself like an artist’s body of work – each
piece being distinctly uridan, and yet individual in its own way.

Technology: Uridan invest heavily in constantly innovating and re-designing each of our products
so they are future-ready. Take our new intelligent drain cover for instance, which lets you know via our smart LED indicators exactly when maintenance is required.
SMART Technology delivers 100% touchless operation while boosting performance
and improving the user experience.

Sustainability: Every organisation can contribute to the future. uridan is a daily essential that makes
the world better by saving precious water every day.

Frequently Used In:

  • Hospitality
  • Breweries
  • Pubs & Clubs

Installation of the uridan waterless urinal is very simple.

If you are retrofitting existing flushing urinals with uridan waterless urinals, please ensure that the sewer line is jetted and clean of uric scale before installation. Please also remove any existing s-trap to avoid double trapping the urinal.
The uridan urinals work without water, and must be fitted to a 50mm waste pipe. Installation should be carried out by authorized plumbers in accordance with AZ/NZS3500.2.
PLEASE NOTE: The undiluted discharge from a waterless urinal must not be transported through copper or copper alloy pipework.

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Black, Tele Grey, White



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