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Uridan Service Kits

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Uridan Service Kits

The use of a replacement cover and pipe as part of your regular maintenance program will ensure that the urinals are service effectively ever time with a minimum of down time and problems related to onsite cleaning of the used parts.

There are a number of different types of covers and pipes depending on the type of Uridan you are using so please double check you have the correct one as that are not interchangeable between different models.

Service Kit 6/7 includes a Flared Stainless Steel Cover #6/7 and a Flared Pipe with an o-ring

Service Kit 5 includes a Straight Stainless Steel Cover #5 and a Straight Pipe (without the o-ring)

Service Kit 1 includes a Stainless Steel Cover #1 and Straight Pipe (for fibreglass units only – pre 2009 models)

Service Kit 4 includes a Stainless Steel Cover #2/4 and a Straight Pipe (for Uridan Models with a fixed rim in the waste trap)

Service Kit 3 includes a Stainless Steel Cover #3 and a Large Straight Pipe (for Uridan Crew TROUGH urinals only)

PLEASE NOTE:  Uridan Service Kits are sold as kits only – including the Cover and the Pipe.

Uridan consumables required for the maintenance and cleaning of Uridan waterless urinals include Aqualok blocking fluid and Aquaclean cleaning solution.

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