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Urimat Eco Waterless Urinal

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Design Features

The EcoInfo is a White Polycarbonate Waterless Urinal that is a light weight easy to install  incorporating Urimats patented exchangeable odour seal element (Siphon). The urine and discharges it into the drain system. The float seals prevent any odour developing.

A gravity float is pushed up (by the urine) to a flexible rubber seal, preventing odour in the restroom.

The EcoInfo Also includes an exchangable iluminated advertising space on the top section of the urinal perfect for promoting your business.

Why Choose Urimat


Urimat-Australia is the Leader in the Waterless Urinal Industry when it comes to Design, Technology, Maintenance and Service.

   Track Record:
Our urinals are installed in Hotels, Resorts, Pubs, Restaurants, Sporting Clubs, Office buildings, Shopping-Centres, Government Buildings, and Universities & Schools.

   Saving Money:
Companies save money thanks to the Waterless Urinals from Urimat-Australia. Price of Water is increasing all the time. Replacing and fixing broken valves, flushing mechanisms and cisterns is expensive and a thing of the past with our urinals.

   Saving Water: 
Our Waterless Urinals save up to 100,000 Litres of Water per urinal every year.

   Improved Hygiene:
Our Waterless Urinals improve Hygiene by reducing moisture and therefore bacteria in washrooms.

   Latest Technology & Designs:
Urimat Australia develops constantly improvement to the Waterless Urinal Technology and its Design.

   100 % Australian Owned:
Urimat Australia is not only 100 % Australian owned but also part of the technology and the Design work is done in Australia.

   Easy Maintenance & Cleaning:
Urimat Australia’s advanced technology and design offers easy cleaning and maintenance of its Waterless Urinals



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