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Urimat Menos II Waterless Urinal Ceramic

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Urimat Menos II Waterless Urinal

Design Features

The Menos II is a Waterless Urinal that is a light weight easy to install  incorporating Urimats patented exchangeable D Valve Technology. Makes the Menos 2 an easy and cost effective urinal to maintain.

Why Choose Urimat


Urimat-Australia is the Leader in the Waterless Urinal Industry when it comes to Design, Technology, Maintenance and Service.

   Track Record:
Our urinals are installed in Hotels, Resorts, Pubs, Restaurants, Sporting Clubs, Office buildings, Shopping-Centres, Government Buildings, and Universities & Schools.

   Saving Money:
Companies save money thanks to the Waterless Urinals from Urimat-Australia. Price of Water is increasing all the time. Replacing and fixing broken valves, flushing mechanisms and cisterns is expensive and a thing of the past with our urinals.

   Saving Water: 
Our Waterless Urinals save up to 100,000 Litres of Water per urinal every year.

   Improved Hygiene:
Our Waterless Urinals improve Hygiene by reducing moisture and therefore bacteria in washrooms.

   Latest Technology & Designs:
Urimat Australia develops constantly improvement to the Waterless Urinal Technology and its Design.

   100 % Australian Owned:
Urimat Australia is not only 100 % Australian owned but also part of the technology and the Design work is done in Australia.

   Easy Maintenance & Cleaning:
Urimat Australia’s advanced technology and design offers easy cleaning and maintenance of its Waterless Urinals


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