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Do you have problems with little(and big) boys aim? 

Does the toilet seat spend more time up then down in your house?

Do you have a naughty puppy or mischievous cat?

Then Wee Off if the product for you.

Wee off has been extensively tested by my wife and she guarantees it is the best product she has ever used.

Product Details:

Specifically formulated and used neat from the spray bottle to eliminate the need for bleach, acid, disinfectants and other harsh chemicals. This product has a combination of friendly cultured bacteria that produce enzymes that go to work on harsh organic stains and smells like urea, urochrome, uric acid crystals and other bodily fluids (e.g. blood, vomit, etc.) .

Problems Solved:

Removes hard-to-remove urine, vomit, faeces, blood and other organic waste products that stain and create smells in aged care facilities, nursing homes, animal enclosures etc. Can be used on soft, hard, coated or porous surfaces including carpet, concrete, rugs,upholstery, wooden floors, marble and tile surfaces.

Directions for Use:

Prior to use, remove excess organic matter sitting on top of the stain, then spray Wee Off on to the affected area and leave it, vacuum later to complete the job. Further use may be required for very difficult areas. Read complete Instructions on the Bottle.

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750ml, 4ltr, 20ltr