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Aqua Sleeve

$40.00 Ex. GST

Aquasleeve water saving urinal cartridge


Aqua Sleeve is a low cost consumable and can be retro-fitted to existing urinals as well as fitted to new units.

Its unique odour locking design lines the internal surface of the waste outlet and trap, which is a major source of unpleasant smells. Another key feature is its adjustable top cap allowing the flow through the sleeve to be adjusted according to level of use ensuring you get the longest life out of the Bio enzyme tablet inside.

Most units are replaced Quarterly to ensure that the bio enzymes that line the Aqua Sleeve continue to work well, and to maintain a high standard of appearance.

How it works
The Aqua Sleeve releases millions of friendly bacteria that digest uric salt, organic waste and sludge deposits. It lasts up to three months maintaining urinal efficiency and presentation.
It comes with a copper inhibitor that helps to coat the pipe work, preventing corrosion caused by the uric salt and ammonia present in urine. It provides both water saving and hygiene benefits.

Aqua Sleeve benefits

  • Lasts up to three months
  • Improves urinal presentation, efficiency and freshness
  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable
  • Digests uric salt
  • Reduces both water and maintenance costs
  • Eliminates blockages
  • Septic tank safe






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