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Bio Blitz Urinal Blocks

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Product Details:

Urinal blocks (also known as urinal lollies,urinal cakes or urinal cubes) are mainly to disinfect and deodorise men’s urinals. Our urinal blocks contain “friendly‟ bacteria cultures and a citrus based fragrance, all of which are natural, safe to use and help digest organic matter, in particular urine. A copper inhibitor is added to our urinal blocks to help coat and maintain the 70/30 brass plumbing found in many older buildings.

Problems Solved:

Controls and removes offensive odours, uric salt, scale and sludge as well as minimizing blockages common in men‟s urinals. This is a simple and cost-effective solution that bio-degrades urine and related waste products down to H2O, CO2 and basic minerals on site.

Directions for Use:

Remove all debris from urinal and clean with biological cleaner before
placing urinal blocks in the urinal. A daily spray clean with our biological cleaner gives the urinal blocks an extra boost. One block per wall hung urinal until 10% of original size. Place blocks 50cm apart in trough urinals depending on low and high use. Our block breaks down to zero when submerged in water trap.

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