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Zip Flushmaster

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Zip FlushMaster Urinal Flushing sensor


Zip Flushmaster

Urinal Flushing Systems 

Zip FlushMaster urinal flushing systems improve washroom hygiene because there is no need to rely on users to activate flushing manually. They can be programmed to ensure automatic flushing whenever the urinal is used, plus a janitor flush every twelve hours when the urinal is not in use.

This means control of water consumption is taken out of the hands of users, making it manageable and predictable. The systems also cut water consumption dramatically by up to 90% wherever wasteful auto cisterns have been in use.

Inbuilt sensors use passive infra-red technology to detect user presence and house an electronic control centre that actuates a latching valve to regulate flushing. This method is superior to active infra-red technology for coverage of the detection area. It is also more practical, easier and cheaper to install than microwave sensors. The sensor units can be mounted on a wall or recessed into the ceiling.

The FlushMaster systems are powered by long life lithium batteries so connection to mains power is not required. An optional 6 volt power pack is available for sites where 240 volt power may be preferred.

Zip FlushMaster systems come in two models. The standard Zip FlushMaster is a wide beam model that services more than one urinal and the narrow beam Zip FlushMaster Solo which is designed to service a single urinal.

– Todays most effective single-stall flushing system.
– Four-star WELS water rating, at 1.1 litre per flush.
– Outstanding water savings: soon pays for itself.
– Compact 80 mm ceiling-recessed infrared sensor.
– Narrow beam limits detection area to under 300 mm wide.
– Five second sensor delay beats accidental tripping.
– Adjustable flush cycle to meet your needs precisely.
– Factory set for 12 hour janitor flush when unused.
– Solenoid latching valve supplied with connections.
– Power pack (240/6 volt) connects to 10 amp GPO

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Battery, Mains Powered

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