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FlushSaver Auto Urinal Sensor

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FlushSaver Auto Urinal Sensor

The FlushSaver Auto Urinal Sensor device can flush one or multiple urinals with the ability to control up to 2 separate solenoid valves.

The FlushSaver Urinal Unit is microprocessor based and incorporates an internally generated microwave field (allowing concealed installation) for sensing of users.

Features of this unit include: –
* Totally concealed system. Sits on top of the ceiling tiles / Gyprock and sensors    through to the user.

* Select how long you want it to flush.

* The ability to lockout the sensor for a short period of time so that the urinal is      not constantly flushing.

* Adjustable sensor range.

* 200Kpa-1600Kpa operating pressure range

* Supplied with stainless Steel Solenoid valve for years of trouble free operation

* OPTION 1 –  Single Solenoid Valve
This equates to one cistern or Direct Feed, 3 porcelain urinals, a new 1.5 metre trough right up to 2.4m in some older existing trough urinals.

* OPTION 2 – Dual solenoid Valves
This lets you operate 2 cisterns or Direct Feed, 6 porcelain urinals or up to 3 metres of new urinal trough and 4.8m of older style existing trough urinals.

NOTE: This unit requires mains power to operate. The solenoid valves are 24v AC low voltage.

Unit come preset and prewired for simple installation.

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