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Flushtronic Urinal Sensor

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Flushtronic Urinal Sensor

The Flushtronic Urinal Sensor detects the presence of users and automatically controls flushing of single or wide trough urinals for maintenance of hygiene.

The single stall Flushtronic may be used with stalls up to 600mm wide. The wide trough Flushtronic may be used with troughs up to 2400mm wide. For wider troughs, two or more systems can be installed. Flushtronic systems include a Y-strainer which must be installed upstream of the solenoid valve. A flush pipe air gap fitting and integrated programmed
controller are also included.

Features and Benefits

• Maintains hygienic conditions
• Saves water by controlling the time, frequency and volume of water
used in flushing
• Flushing duration and other parameters are easily set
• Automatically flushes six hours after non-use to ensure compliance
with regulations
• Simple plug-in connectors allow easy installation
• Spare parts readily available
• Replaces urinal cistern
• Overhead passive infra-red sensor
• Low power consumption
• Available in Surface mounted or Inset models.

Additional information


Surface Mount – Wide, Surface Mount – Single, Inset Mount – Wide, Inset Mount – Single

Flushing Option

Sensor Flush