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Falcon Velocity Waterless Urinal Cartridge

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Falcon Waterless Urinal Cartridge at the Urinal Shop


Falcon Velocity Waterless Urinal Cartridge

The patented Falcon SEALTRAP® cartridge combined with the proprietary AIRSEAL® fluid are at the core of the composite or vitreous china waterless urinal. Together they function to allow urine to pass into traditional sewer systems without wasting valuable water.

Falcon Velocity Replacement cartridge is made of recyclable ABS plastic and utilizes a 100% biodegradable liquid sealant.

Indicator Technology: Our self-monitoring indicator provides you with a visual signal that helps you know when it is ready to be changed, making maintenance easier.

Anti-Splash Pour Spout: Our patent-pending anti-splash pour spout utilizes speed and direction to streamline urine through your pipes and help keep your housing and drain cleaner.

Odor Control: Our patented cartridge helps keep your restroom virtually odor-free by reducing the area where bacteria can grow.

Sealant Retention: Our interior baffle allows the cartridge to retain its sealant barrier even under the most challenging maintenance practices.

Smaller Footprint: Our Velocity cartridge boasts all of these features while using 20% less plastic than previous models.

Includes – Sealant, Instructions, Removal key, Disposal bag

Falcon Waterless urinal Installation
Fast and simple installation
No water supply plumbing
No expensive flush valve systems Installs with existing plumbing

Falcon Waterless urinal Operation
No water use
No water / waste water cost
Reduced sewer output
Completely odour free
Touch free hygienic operation
One wipe ease of cleaning

Falcon Waterless Urinal Maintenance
No costly valve repairs
Cannot clog and overflow
Durable, break resistant composite construction

Falcon Velocity Urinal Cartridge comes complete with Gloves, garbage bag, removal tool, Oil barrier and instructions.

We highly recommend the use of Aqua washroom cleaner for the daily cleaning of these urinals.

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